Paul is trying his best to Make Innovation less scary.

I learned the importance of marketing a brand while working in the real estate industry after realizing that potential clients cared more about why I did real estate sales than what I actually did.

In order to hone my craft of telling stories for getting at a why, I got my masters in Brand Management at VCU Brandcenter where I partnered with creatives to solve brand problems over 50+ projects.

There, I did an independent project for Snap on their Lens Studio product where I grew a love for tech marketing because I get the chance to make innovation less scary to people.

Currently, I work in marketing at Snap, where I help tell stories to people on why talking through the camera can help improve the way we live and communicate.


Brand Marketer @ Snap


Real Estate @ Redfin

Brand Management @ McKinney

Real Estate @ Keller Williams

If you would like to see samples of my work, feel free to reach out to me via email (paulalexatienza@gmail.com). Here is my resume in the meantime.