I’m Paul, a Brand Strategist at Snap Inc.



Case Studies



Talking with Pictures

After working in real estate for the past four years, I realized showing why I did something led to more opportunities than actually saying what I did. Understanding the power of why led me to pursue a career in brand marketing which led me to pursue a masters degree in Creative Brand Management from VCU Brandcenter.

While in graduate school, I worked in interdisciplinary teams to pitch over 50 projects for brands such as Snap Inc., L’Oreal, Casper, Honey, Hilton, and Adobe. There, I got to work on an independent research project for Snap Inc. on their AR Creator Community. which turned into a job after I graduated.

Currently I’m a Brand Strategist at Snap Inc. telling stories about why people should talk with pictures through Snap’s AR.



Learning More About the World


Playing Around with AR

In my independent study, I played with over 200+ immersive experiences on Snapchat.

Lesson Learned: I say how I actually feel to my real friends through AR.

Competitive Eating

I strived to be my hero, Matt Stonie, by finishing the Happy Meal Challenge in under a minute.

Lesson Learned: Short term goals are preludes to bigger accomplishments.

Asian American Advocacy

In college, I started a photoblog where I shared the Asian American experience of 50 classmates.

Lesson Learned: The best stories come from actual people.